Who needs to go to a Bicycle Mechanic School?

Are you wondering if a bicycle mechanic school is suitable for you? Do you use your bike often? What kind of programs are there for bicycle mechanics? We will explain you the main topics covered by a bicycle mechanic school.

It is important to know what kind of knowledge you will get from a bike mechanic school before you enroll. That way you can select your program better according to your needs.

If you are a bicycle mechanic professional, then you may be able to choose specialized courses better. Some specific tools and brands require specialized training for a better install or fix. You will have more works with customers requiring specialized jobs.

Who should attend to a Bicycle Mechanic School?

Anybody who is involved with bikes may attend a bicycle mechanic school. There are programs suitable for:

  • Amateur bikers.
  • Professional bikers.
  • Bicycle Mechanics.
  • Bike repair shop owners.

When you fall on any of these groups, you can take advantage of one of the many topics covered on a bicycle mechanic school.

How can an Amateur Biker benefit from a Bicycle Mechanic Program?

An amateur biker can learn how to make a quick fix on bikes. For starters, it is a good way to get involved in biking, and create awareness and develop a passion for the bike. You can discover new things you didn’t know about cycling when you get involved with mechanics.

How can a Professional Biker benefit from a Bicycle Mechanic Program?

For a professional biker, it is more important to know about mechanics. If you are a professional biker, you have for sure have been involved in a mechanic trouble at the worse time. Those sorts of situations are bearable when you know about mechanics.

You will also learn some tricks to use your bike in a more efficient way. If you travel in groups (for example, that is common in mountain biking), then a bike mechanic school will teach you useful things to help others. Usually, in a group somebody has a mechanical problem.

How can a Bicycle Mechanics benefit from a Bicycle Mechanic Program?

For bicycle mechanics, a bicycle repair school is more a necessity than an optional thing. It is like going to college for an accountant, and most bicycle mechanics have gone to a bicycle mechanic school at some point.

When you are an amateur or empiric bicycle mechanic, you might have skipped bicycle school. However, it is important that you certify your knowledge. You can learn some best practices and other technical skills you are missing. They will let you do a better and easier job.

If you are already a certified bicycle mechanics, then there are still some things you can learn. There are tools and gear you may not be aware of. Actualization courses will teach you about the innovations on the market.

How can Bicycle Shop Owners benefit from a Bicycle Mechanic Program?

The bicycle shop owners can benefit the most from a bicycle repair school. They will get the recognition of having their personnel certified by an institution. Bike mechanic school is also a good way to train new staff, and update the existing ones.

But the most important thing for a bike repair shop owner is the possibility to market the qualifications that a bicycle mechanic school gives. In some areas, it Is a huge differentiator, since a few certified people are working at a bike repair shop. In other places, it is a necessity to stay on the market, since practically all competitors are certified.

Some bicycle mechanic school offer certification programs and publish the companies that employ certified technicians. That is an excellent marketing tool that assures the quality of the jobs performed at the repair shop.

What kind of Bicycle Mechanic School can I find?

You may find different modalities of bicycle mechanic schools. One is the traditional classroom school (not exactly in a classroom, but usually at workshops with hands-on training). That is the best sort of training you can get. One of the best offers for classroom schools is: http://www.biketeacher.com/

Via biketeacher.com

The drawback is that it is located in the United States, specifically in California. They have a complete training program for all needs and any profile, with certifications (or not), depending on your learning and professional objectives.

You may research this site to find some guidance on what you should look for on your local bike mechanic school.

Other options are some online schools. This is common for vendors who want to train and update technicians on their product lines. For example, DIY Bike Repair is self-learning course to get you trained in how to repair a bike efficiently.

This ultimate masterclass for bike repair training is very useful if you want to learn the best way to repair bikes in not years but weeks. Moreover, the lessons are from three experts covering three different types of bikes which include road, mountain and race bicycles. This is the quickest way to become a trained bike repair person.

Can I use free channels for bicycle mechanic training?

You may look for training in online channels and video sites like YouTube. This is not an actual bicycle mechanic school, but if you are looking for education, it is the least you can do. One good training video is found at:

The drawback is that you cannot be sure if the information is accurate and reliable. It is always better to enroll in a real bicycle repair school, instead of trying doubtful videos.


If you are an amateur or professional biker, or a bicycle mechanics or bike repair shop owner, there are many benefits you can get from a bicycle mechanic school.

For bikers, it is the possibility to solve unexpected problems on the road. For professional mechanics, it is the acquisition of abilities to perform better their jobs, plus the chance to get a certification.

Finally, bike repair shop owners are the most benefited, with training for their personnel, certifications, and branding.

In which group do you fall and how would you benefit from a bicycle repair school? Please share your thoughts in the comment section. If you were not sure of enrolling to a bicycle mechanic school, then do it now.​

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