How to Choose the Best Bike Wheel Size for Any Rider easily

Bikes are fun and entertaining. Nowadays, they are also popular as a mean of transportation. Do you know how to choose a bike? Do you know there are different bikes for particular uses? Can you notice there is different bike wheel size available? These questions will be solved on this guide.

It is important to know the right bike wheel size for you. It all depends on what do you need the bike for, and what is your height. You will find easy to choose once we explain the different possibilities and how to make use of your bike wheels. Once you know all about the wheels, you will want to prove some of the theory we are about to explain. I am sure you will also enjoy your rides more with all this information.

What you will need to choose the proper Bike Wheel Size

To determine the proper bike wheel size for your bicycle, you will need to gather some information first. To do so, keep at hand the following items:

  • Ruler, flexometer or measuring tape.
  • Notebook or paper.
  • Pen or pencil.

Get everything before you start with step 1.

Step 1. Get your Bike’s Information

There are two important things you have to know about your bike: the rim and the frame size. These measures will help you select an adequate bike wheel size to fit your bike. Use the ruler, flexometer or measuring tape to get the information.

For the rim size, get the inner radius of the circle. The problem with rim specifications if you try to look them on the spec sheet of bike manufacturers is that it was not until recent days that a standard was published. Before that, there were different measure systems, like the imperial, metric and American.

The following chart is a sample to illustrate the equivalences. To consult the whole chart visit: A guide to cycle tyre sizes

cycle tyre sizes

Via cyclinguk

You can get some additional information from your current bike wheel size, only as a reference. The size is frequently written on the sidewall of the tire. You will find two numbers, one between 20 and 30 and the other between 1 and 3. Write down both numbers. Then, refer to the chart to verify the measure you got for the rim.

Now it is time to take the measure of your frame. It can be tricky. The old way of measuring was from the center to the bottom bracket, to the top of the seat tube. Some manufacturers stick to this traditional way to write their specs.

For our manual measure, we are going to follow the new convention using the center to top distance (C-T). Take note of center to center distance first, which is measured from the intersection of the middle line of the top tube with the central line of the seat tube. Take the measure in cm. Then subtract 1.5 cm and round it down to get the standard measure you will use later on to get your bike wheel size.

Step 2. Get your Information

For adults, you will need to get your inseam height. Take the measure from your foot to your inseam. If you are choosing a kid’s bike, then get your kids height in order to determine the best bike wheel size for him.

Step 3. Understand your Needs

To choose the right bike wheel size for you, you have to know what are you using your bike for exactly. The most common methods are:

A road bike is used for transportation in cities mostly. They are designed to run on a paved road like the one you find in most cities. The tires are narrow to decrease the rolling resistance. However, for wet pavement, you might want a wider wheel.

Mountain bikes are more for off-road sports. Cycling in mountains with dusty roads needs some special gear. Different wheel-sizes are used. In general terms, trial wheels are smaller to assist the rider when jumping. Some other mountain bikes are also used as road bikes, and similar bike wheel size is preferred.

BMXs are sports bicycles. They are used for acrobatics. All the jumping requires small wheels. Other modifications on BMX bikes are standard to help with some particular stuns.

Finally, children bicycles are set apart because kids are small users.

Step 4. Choose the Best Possible Bike Wheel Size

Now it is time to choose the bike wheel size. Take all the information you have from steps 1 and 2, and check the following links for the charts according to the particular application you selected:

mountain bike wheels

Via bikeboardmedia

Final Words

Was this all the information you expected to read? To get the most of your rides, you need the exact bike wheel size for your particular needs. Now you know that not all wheel size will fit your bike, but most likely they will if you are not changing dramatically the way you use it. The user is also important to choose the right bike wheel size.

Share this article to help your friends choose their bike wheel size. Was your bike wheel size informed choice different than before? Do you enjoy your rides more now? We want to hear from you. Share your thoughts and post a comment.

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